Our Services At LA Racing

Lauren offers excellent training services that are tailored to each horses' individual needs. Her ability to ride her own horses in trackwork gives her great insight to each and every one of her horses without relying on track work riders to give her feedback.  This is a skill so important when assessing soundness or trying to find reasons why a horse may not be performing to the best of their ability.  She is a positive person who can really get every bit of potential out of her horses and likes to focus on horses that may have performed below expectation in the larger mass production stables.  She treats her horses as individuals, not just a box number.

Lauren is approachable and a good communicator.   Her services to her owners and the care and attention to detail is second to none.

At LA Racing the following services are provided:

  • Professional Race Horse Training incorporating;
  • Qualified staff,
  • A personal approach to each individual owner and their horses,
  • Communication via our interactive website, providing a dedicated website to your horse, featuring nominations, weights, acceptances in real time, regular weekly updates, personalised e-mail reports and notifications on upcoming events within the stables, access to the latest photographs of your horse on race day for instant download and lots lots more.

If you are interested in racing a horse with LA Racing, please check out our horses available page.

Alternatively, with Lauren's many years of experience in the racing industry, she has gained an eye for spotting 'value' horses. If you have a group of friends wanting to race a horse, Lauren is more than happy to help assess and select a horse from upcoming sales.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more info on any of our services.