Training Rates

2020 Daily Training Rate & Additional Expenses

$75 a day + GST for a horse in full race work

Other monthly expenses you may find on your bill:

Shoeing – $150 + GST every four weeks

BRC Track Fees – $5.50 a day

Joint Supplements – $80 a month (this may vary depending on the horse’s issues)

Remedial Work – Lauren is a great believer in “horses for courses” and uses a range of different remedial treatments on her horses depending on the ailment and how the horse responds to the treatment.  This includes chiropractic work, acupunture, Emmett’s Therapy, PEMF including other forms of magnetic therapy, ultrasound and shockwave therapy and equine massage and/or manipulation.  In general, one of these professionals visit the stable at least once a week and if your horse needs to be treated, is usually up to $80 a treatment.

If you own 5% in a horse you can expect your monthly expenses to be roughly $150 – $170 a month.  A great VALUE FOR MONEY stable!!

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